The Team

Limmud means learning – all year long!

“To learn is to develop personally, to acquire knowledge and skills. Learning changes people, inspires them to act and opens new worlds to them. Everyone can be a teacher, and everyone should be a student. We promote a learning atmosphere and environment in which everyone has room for their own thoughts and personal growth.”
(Limmud Values & Principles)

Limmud means more than just a four-day Festival in the spring, or a Limmud Day. Limmud is an organization that learns: People with different personal backgrounds and careers come together to prepare the festival. We team members express our Judaism in as many different ways as you can find at the Festival itself. The Limmud Values & Principles apply before and after the festival, too. As we plan Limmud, we also learn to work respectfully with people who have different opinions and inform us about alternatives; we extend our horizons and share responsibilities. The sharing of knowledge within the team, between experienced volunteers and newcomers, and the chance to try new tasks, makes all of us teachers and students.

The annual four-day Festival is the high point of our voluntary work; the days leading up to it and following it impact us profoundly.

We welcome all who want to help organize the Festival or a Limmud Day event. The kick-off meeting for the Festival will be in September: There, we will begin to prepare the new team for the next Festival and will distribute all tasks. Then comes the team weekend in October/November – one of the most important team meetings in the preparatory phase. The entire team then meets monthly, in order to bring each other up to date. We break the team into different working groups dedicated to certain tasks. Regular communication between the working groups is essential. Thanks to Skype, E-Mail, Drop Box and Google docs, communication has become ever easier.

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    We coordinate volunteer tasks during the Festival and try to arrange the best schedule for all, in advance. We’re always grateful for spontaneous offers of help when a task crops up unexpectedly; this spreads the spirit of volunteerism at Limmud.
Fundraising / Finances

    We handle the funding of Limmud events, contacting various foundations and organizations and private donors, and constantly seeking new sources of financial assistance. After the festival, we prepare accounting reports for our donors.
Kids Program/ Young Limmud

    We and our Madrichim arrange a special Limmud for kids. With offerings for several age groups, we provide an opportunity for our youngest participants to take another step on their Jewish journey. Working closely with the program team, we also find interesting presenters from the main program who can orient additional sessions towards Young Limmud.

    We inform Limmudniks about upcoming Limmud events. Creative minds visualize the Limmud idea, provide posters and posters and – last but not least – the Limmud program book. We communicate with Jewish media and journalists, update the homepage and keep Limmud up-to-date in social media.

    We cooperate closely with the venue and caterer and coordinate all Limmud planning teams so that their ideas can be realized and needs met.

    We sift through all the suggested sessions; try to encourage new presenters to attend and offer sessions; coordinate the technical needs of presenters for their sessions; and help participants organize prayer services if they wish. There is also close contact with the children’s program.

    We check each registration, we answer questions, we discuss requests for fee reduction and write the bills; we also organize the arrival and departure of participants, coordinate the Limmud buses and assign rooms. And if you need a Bandaid, we have that, too!